Page Timer

Page Timer is a firefox extension that times the time it takes to load a page (from the perspective of the user, not the network or the server).
I wrote it because I was fed up with 'feeling' a site or specific page was getting 'slower', now, at least I know for sure that a page is getting slower (hmm...).


The time it took the browser to complete the process of loading and rendering the page is displayed at the bottom of the page.
Like most open sores, this extension is no longer under development since it works for me.


Click here to download the XPI I used on Firefox 1.0.2 to 1.0.7
Click here to download the XPI I use on Firefox 1.5


The time is not displayed when the page is loaded in the background.
The XPI is not signed.
The extention doesn't check the URL of the completed document against the URL of the active document.
The text is invisible in some pages (slashdot for example).
The text is not added to framesets, if someone has some clever idea to accomplish this I would love to hear about it.
In some pages the time is printed somewhere at the top, this behaviour often occurs on CSS-heavy sites (that use positioning).

Bugs of pagetimer in combination with Firefox 1.5

In Firefox 1.5.0 the pagetimer triggers a reparse of the document (without firing the parsing-complete event).
Because of this the browser will also lose it's relative position in the page (forcing the user to scroll again). Because of this bug I would not recommend users of Firefox 1.5.0 to use pagetimer. Instead users of firefox 1.5.0 might want to look at FasterFox.
That said, Firefox 1.5.0 is seriously leaking memory. I have been told by friends that these problems are fixed with now.

Bugs that I discovered in Firefox 1.5.0

If you are experiencing trouble installing extensions in Firefox 1.5.0. Try to look up the configuration (type about:config in the locationbar) of firefox. Then filter for xpinstall.enabled. This might be set to false by your previous installation of Firefox. Enabling this feature fixed my problem. It might fix yours as well (it's best to switch it back to false after you are done).


This software is public domain. It is provided without any warranty.

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Last modified: 2005-12-24 {demian}